I got a puppy today!

Her name is Vitani. She’s 8 weeks old. She’s ridiculously tiny, especially compared to her siblings. She was the runt. 

We were going to look for a puppy for my Mum, and I had mentioned a few weeks ago how I’d love one because I know it would get me out of the house more, and improve my mental health- but I hadn’t necessarily planned on getting one this soon. I tried to close my mind and heart off, but as soon as the man opened the cage door, I saw her, picked her up and she held on for dear life. I was blind to the other four. I instantly fell in love with this tiny thing, and then her Dad came over to me. He was long furred, black and white and he had one blue eye and one brown eye. He was ridiculously handsome, and his eyes were incredible. 

I knelt down to his level, and he snuggled in between me and Vitani. I spoke to him, and asked him if it was ok if I took her home. I promised him I’d look after her. He happily hugged us both, and I honestly believe that he gave me his blessing. 

Wow, Chels… deep for a post about dogs ha 

Okay, well, yes. That’s Vitani. And I love her. 


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