There are worse things in Disney than gay characters…

We all spend endless hours scrolling aimlessly through Facebook, twitter, and any other social media; and some days it’s really good, inspiring and positive. Other days, it’s ridiculously negative, judgemental and overbearing.

I came across a post last night that contained a theory that Oaken from Frozen is a gay character. I read through the comments. I saw people saying that it’s “wrong” to have gay characters in childrens’ movies as it will influence their children to be gay. It’s as if people only care about gay characters since the release of Beauty and The Beast (2017).

These people fail to realise that in these same movies they’re letting their children watch; there is murder, kidnapping, assaults and paedophilia to name a few.

Scar murdered his own brother.
Clayton got violently hung by a tree.
Frollo was a paedophile.
In Pinocchio the kids drink, smoke and play pool.
Pocahontas was about 11-12 years old in real life.
Belle was held captive by an abusive character, albeit opinions will vary whether this was Stockholm Syndrome or not.
Ariel had to change her whole self for a man to notice her.
Prince Charming probably wouldn’t have even recognised Cinderella wearing rags.
Jafar tries to manipulate and abuse Jasmine.
…these are just a few I can think of on the spot.

And yet… here we are, in the 21st Century, still blabbing on about how having ‘gay’ people on our TV’s damages our kids…

What’s really damaging them?

*I am probably one of Disney’s biggest fans. But I can recognise the darker sides of Disney when it comes to an argument like this one.